YOLO - You Only Live Once

First premiere
 21 February 2014, Wiljami Stage, Rovaniemi
Choreography Sampo Kerola
Composition and sound design Henri Haakana
Lighting design Jukka Laukkanen
Set design Aku Koivukangas
Costume design Kaija Maunula
Dancers Atte Herd, Helmi Järvensivu, Laura Kallas, Anni Pilhjärta
Musicians Henri Haakana, Valtteri Valo



YOLO is a performance about desire, fear and rabbits. YOLO explores incidents young people encounter as they dream of what life has to offer and deal with the anxieties of growing up.  Anarchistic rabbits leaping in the subconscious lead audience through a stream of encounters in the wondrous nature, where every human being takes part in the most important swimming competition of their life long before seeing the light of day for the first time.


The performance includes some spoken word in Finnish.

Graphic design: KuohuDesign