You Threw Up Jupiter


Premiere 27 July 2016, Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi
Choreography Elina Pirinen
Lighting design
Jani-Matti Salo
Costume design
Kaija Maunula
Sound design Miksa Koponen
Performers Henri Haakana, Atte Herd, Helmi Järvensivu, Laura Kallas, Anna Laakso, Anni Pilhjärta, Elina Tähtelä ja Aino Voutilainen



You see our mother's dreams revolving and a ship, we lied, our father's dreams revolving, and Tero the horse's and its buddy Horse II's dreams revolving, and mother's psychoanalysist friend Kirsti's dreams revolving, and our father's cupid's bow, we lied, a dolphin's dreams revolving.

You see a linguistic choreography You Threw Up Jupiter by Elina Pirinen for Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi, which leads You to understand the content behind the expression. In this performance, the movement of spoken language deconstructs the conventions constructed personally and guided by generations by painting impossible visions possible. The ambitious piece for eight performers is constructed of strictly stylised language and its unconscionable relation to light, body, psyche and sound. You see a diamond pussy and the pulse of our broken heart.

Photo editing: KuohuDesign