Niko and I

Premiere date 31 August 2011, Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki
Choreography Riku Immonen
Original Composition Iikka Kotaja
Set design Sami Evinsalo
Costume design Kaija Maunula
Dancers Atte Herd and Helmi Järvensivu
Production Dance Theatre Roundly and Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi
In co-operation with Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki and Helsinki Festival

What happens, when you are left alone and imagination replaces your friend? And even when a friend is gone, how can they still be present somehow?

Niko and I deals with themes such as longing for nearness and experiencing loss in a jovial and sympathetic way. Boy and tiger romp about together showing sensitivity despite the wild exterior. The performance is loosely based on Calvin and Hobbes comic books, which is also reflected in comical features of the visual realisation.

Choreographer Riku Immonen holds young viewers in high esteem and has a fresh way of turning especially boys’ life into dance.

Photography: Marko Mäkinen