Liikenteessä – On Wheels

Premiere date 26 October 2011, Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi's Dance Studio
Choreography Riku Immonen
Costume design Kaija Maunula
Lighting design Jonne Kaaretkoski
Audiotape compilation Petteri Mård
Set construction Jukka Laukkanen
Construction of the cars Jukka Laukkanen and Kaija Maunula
Dancers Helmi Järvensivu and Anni Pilhjärta
Production Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi



On Wheels is an amusing dance theatre piece for children. Green and Red traffic light move through the city colliding and quarrelling as they go, but in the end, they always manage to work out shared traffic regulations. The piece is about toleration and showing consideration for others in traffic as well as in life in general.

On Wheels was originally made for Dance Theatre Roundly in 2009.

Illustration: Advertising Kioski