Feel the magic of your dinner turning into a dance show! All of a sudden, your waiter starts to sing or some of the guests stand up and start to dance. You hear the violin and the accordion play, and the show is on. And you are a part of it!


Pop-up is a new, surprising form of a dance show. It shows that anyone of us can be a dancer, a singer or a musician. The dancers and musicians are among the guests or staff and start the show one by one. Slowly, the guests realize that they are in the midst of a unique folk dance show tailor made for the event. The guests can also take part in the show by making music and dancing together with the dancers. This is an interactive experience you cannot get anywhere else. 


The pop-up show can include a short cut through Finnish folk dance or only one theme. It can include folk dances from different areas of Finland, like fast polka and temperamental Karelian dance as well as Lappish Joiku singing accompanied with drumming. This is all done so that the audience is an essential part of the show, allowing all audience members to take part as they wish – and perhaps learn something completely new through this experience.


Duration: 15-20 min
Performers: 3-4 dancers and 2 musicians
Costumes: according to the dress code and chosen theme
Themes: Western Finland, Karelia, Lapland or a combination
Stage: Indoors, adjustable to different locations