Rimpparemmi began operating as a professional dance theatre in 1999. Being included in the government support system under the Theatres and Orchestras Act enabled the dance theatre to work with more long-ranged plans. Since 2005, Rimpparemmi has been a member of Regional Dance Center in Northern Finland.

Folk dance ensemble Rimpparemmi was founded in municipality of Tervola in 1974 as a part of Youth Club of Tervola. At first, Rimpparemmi was a group of eight dancers, but it quickly grew into an ensemble of sixteen dancers and five musicians. The ensemble performed extensively around Finland as well as abroad.

While Rimpparemmi’s operations expanded, it moved to the city of Rovaniemi in 1986. At the same time, the backing organization, Registered Association Folk Ensemble of the Province of Lapland, was founded, with a goal to operate professionally in the future. In 1989, Rimpparemmi’s dance school was founded. In 1991, Rimpparemmi’s members were hired for the first time for full-time jobs during the summer season.

In April 2010, the backing organization's name was officially changed to Registered Association Folk Ensemble of Lapland. The professional group was named Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi.